Around 20-40% of All Men Suffer From Early Ejaculation at One Time or Another
Within Weeks Hundreads of Men Have Learned to Stop Early Ejaculation
14% of Relationships Break Down Due to Regular Early Ejaculation Problems

Welcome to Stop Early Ejaculation

Within this site you will find at least five ways to beat premature ejaculation that you have not yet tried and, given time, will work.

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The first thing you need to know before reading any further on is that you are not alone. Studies have shown that for around 20-40% of all men suffer from early ejaculation on regular basis. To add towards these statistics the male erection pill / research is a multi million pound industry. If you were anxious I hope these small statistics helped you.

Stop Early Ejaculation was created to beat premature ejaculation in males of all ages without using pills or herbs, both of which cost too much money and both of which have a long delay time before the “magic” which could be a bit awkward if you were not expecting things to go so well.

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There is a great number of theories and research paper put into what will lead to premature ejaculation and the main three are listed below:

    One reasons that has been put forward is that your premature ejaculation might be present is that during adolescence masturbation habits grooved in the idea of getting to orgasms quickly.

    Reason number two is that males are naturally made to ejaculate quickly as the evolutionary reason for the process of sex was to reproduce. This therefore makes long sex unnatural (you can guess why not people many accept this).

    The final reason is the physical and mental aspects, anxiety, intense arousal, below average developed muscles and such like all may lead to premature ejaculation.

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